Just giggling to myself thinking ‘that’s my sister!’

Sheep Noir

At the age of 11 I was a shy little girl, naive but armed with a form of curiosity that refused to be appeased.

I was excited, having just transferred to a brand new school where I was to start Grade 6, it was Standard 4 back then. I am not sure but maybe because of my shyness and quiet nature (let us go with that naive narrative) it seemed that my it was assumed that my intelligence was dubious at best by my English teacher on the first day. In the first week we were told to choose any book from the classroom’s bookshelf to read during class and take home. I chose the book that had topped my list of books I had to read but never had the opportunity or time to get to, The Diary of Anne Frank.

Wannabe Teacher's Pet

As my hand reached for the coveted book…

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