In May 2011, I asked second class in Gaelscoil Ui cheadaigh to donate some money to charity and they kindly agreed. The 8 year old children volunteered to donate some of the money they received as gifts for their first holy communion.

We agreed on supporting World Vision Ireland. I donated two of my paintings to be given as prizes in a raffle.

This is a small piece of one of the two paintings.

The funds raised totalled up to over €600. Thanks to their class teacher, muinteor Stephanie for working so hard with the kids on the fundraiser. And many thanks to the children for giving so much. They inspired me in my fundraising goals.


The children chose to buy the following life-changing gifts;
1) set up a new classroom.
2) 3 mosquito nets.
3) 1km of water pipe extension.
4) 4 school fruit trees.
5) training and tools for 2 farmers.
6) a piglet.
7) medicine for 50 children.

For more details on World Vision Ireland, see world vision Ireland’s life-changing gifts